16 Nov 2017
November 16, 2017

KB vision USA smart camera

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 KBVISION – of ADH Group brand specializing in providing comprehensive security solutions, with competitive price, in line with global markets. We can confidently assert its leading position in the industry with the ability of R & D and product quality perfect. ADH Group defines always will offer the best products, best suits the customer’s expectations. We always invest all resources to provide customers with high quality products with the latest technology. In ADH Group, we express the confidence, respect, patience and devotion. KBVISION achieved outstanding achievements today is thanks to the tireless efforts of a team of R & D, marketing and engineering to produce high quality products to meet diverse needs and solve technical problems quickly. It is a solid foundation for future development as well as the entire KBVISION  and ADH Corporation.  HD-over-coaxial: Ultimate battle for survival by analog manufacturers The overarching view in the security industry right now is that IP, which employs a network infrastructure and offers HD video, will one day replace analog solutions, which have defined video surveillance for half a century. For analog players, who are seeing declines in sales and revenue, they must find ways to regain their former dominance in the industry. HD-overcoaxial solutions, which deliver HD video over users’ existing coaxial cabling, represent their ultimate battle for survival amidst the IP invasion. Ever since 960H and HD-SDI emerged in 2011, video surveillance players have been trying to find solutions that enhance the quality of CCTV, which remains the mainstream surveillance technology. Analog cameras are inexpensive and easy to install, and they still dominate the market with 70 to 80 percent of market share. However, IP cameras are threatening the very existence of analog players, who are seeing a steady revenue decline. Against this backdrop, analog players seeking to survive have put intensive efforts into the R&D of high-resolution HD-over-coaxial solutions. HDCVI, HDTVI, ccHDtv, and AHD are the products of those efforts. Any HD-over-coaxial solution, be it 960H, HD-SDI, HDCVI, HDTVI, AHD, and ccHDtv, must be easy to use over the end user’s legacy coaxial cable. HD transmission should be achieved using 5C-2V (RG-59U) or 3C-2V (RG-6) coaxial cable without quality loss, and the traditional distance barrier of 100 to 200 meters must be overcome. The solution must incur no extra cost for installation or upgrade, resist quality loss over a long distance, and enable easy upgrade to megapixel-level HD surveillance. Further, it must be high in quality and competitive in price to gain a stronger foothold in vertical markets. In summary, for a solution to be called HD-over-coaxial, six basic requirements must be met

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